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In conjunction with the Indonesian Embassy we are bringing College and University Trained Hospitality Staff to the UK to work / train and gain work experience at top quality hotels.

Being in this industry, you will know how hard it is to get committed and hard working staff in the UK, and even if they are good (after you have paid out to train them) - how difficult it is to keep them!

Having been in the Conference, Incentive and Hospitality Industry and in various countries around the world, the Directors of our Company have found that Indonesians find it a pleasure to serve others. They are loyal, committed, dependable and they are incredibly hardworking.

To work in a responsible position in any star-rated hotel in Indonesia, staff must either have been to college and be qualified in their chosen profession, or have been to University and graduated. The staff we are offering to you are at this stage and wish to further their knowledge and working experience by working in the UK. This means you will have to give very little training regarding the hotel industry, saving your hotel or group money. The students would still need to follow a training programme. All the students have been face-to-face interviewed by us and a further interview has been carried out by telephone to ensure that they have a good command of English both when speaking to guests and when taking instructions.

We find that nothing upsets guests more than students working and training in hotels who cannot speak enough English to take even the most basic requests, yet hotels still seem to take them on and for some reason put them in prominent places such as Reception, Guest Services and Main Restaurant.

You should have none of these problems with the Hospitality Students / Staff we supply to you.

In addition to what we have told you already it may be helpful for you to know the following to enable you to make a decision:

We have a regularly updated list of students in all areas of the business who have passports and are available to travel now.

College or University Graduates.

Little or no Training needed – Trained already.
A Training Programme will have to be followed.

Loyal, committed, dependable and hardworking students who have been face-to-face interviewed, can speak and understand English, and are presentable in appearance.

We arrange and pay for the work permit and Visa.

We pay for the return flights.

We transport the students from airport to hotel.

The Students stay is for six months or one year.
We arrange and pay for a full Training Programme.

You pay us £5.05 per hour worked per student for a 40 hour week (if you supply accommodation) or £7.05 per hour worked (if we supply accommodation) from which we deduct the cost of Accommodation and pay the balance to them. The student is free to work overtime as required at the same rate.

You feed the student.

We have students who are ready to start work within the next three weeks – please phone for further details!

We look forward to hearing from you - let us know what students you require!