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  1. You will have a diploma 1,2 or 3 and be aged up to 26 years old.

  2. You will apply to join the program by completing our online student application form at www.thestaffsupplycompany.com and email your passport, diploma (lulus), transcript and certificates of Hotel training to enquires@thestaffsupplycompany.com before 1st February or 1st August each year.

  3. Suitable applicants will be interviewed in March and September each year and if your paperwork and English language are excellent we will enrol you on the program. At this point you must pay a deposit of 5.5 million Rp. which is refundable if we don’t find you a hotel in six months.

  4. We submit your paperwork to hotels in the UK and if they choose you we apply for a work permit.
    This process can take six months or more.

  5. If you are selected by a hotel and approved for a work permit you go to “What happens when my work permit is approved ?“.
    If you are not selected you have to wait.
    If you want to claim back your deposit you must do so between 1 – 31 March and 1- 30 September each year.
    If you don't do this your application and your and deposit will be carried forward for another six months.
    If your Work Permit or Visa are delayed the job may be gone you may have to wait until we find another hotel for you.

  6. Any questions? Email us at enquires@thestaffsupplycompany.com


  1. Download a copy of our contract at www.thestaffsupplycompany.com

  2. Read the contract, let your parents read the contract and then both sign, print your name and date the contract. If you have any questions about the contract please email these to us at enquires@thestaffsupplycompany.com

  3. Take the contract to Bandung when you go to meet our Asian co-ordinator to pick up your work permit, visa application forms and 2.5 million from your deposit. (The remainder of your deposit is paid to you when you arrive in the UK). Please pack your suitcase/bag ready to depart for the UK, as you may not have time to go home again before you depart for the UK.

  4. We will go through the contract with you and you will sign each page then our co-ordinator will sign and stamp it and fax a copy to us. Take a copy for the person who also signed your contract. Your Indonesian Identity Card will be faxed at the same time. Our co-ordinator will help you to complete the Visa application and this must be taken or sent with the required payment and two colour passport sized photographs taken against a white background to a Visa agent who will be suggested by our co-ordinator. Remember to have with you photocopies of our contract, the Hotel contract and copies of your transcript, lulus and certificates of your Hotel training.

  5. You will then have to wait a minimum of 48 hours before you know if you have been be given your visa or be given a date for an interview. Phone the agent to check during this time.

  6. Take enough money to be able to stay in Jakarta and be able to travel home until your interview date if this is required.

  7. If you are interviewed, speak in good English and explain that you want to go to England for one year to experience what European people expect when they visit Indonesia and that you will return to Indonesia at the end of this period to get a good job and share your knowledge to train others.

  8. As soon as you get your visa, fax a copy of it along with your staff supply contract to us on +44 8701 296994. If you don’t do this your flight will be cancelled.

  9. Make your way to the airport to check in 3 hours before departure.


  1. You follow the signs to arrivals/baggage collection.

  2. At Immigration you present your passport and visa and work permit.

  3. You go for a medical check up. (Don’t be shy).

  4. Collect your baggage and follow the signs to exit the airport. Your baggage may be searched on the way out. So check what you are allowed to bring into the UK before departure.

  5. When you come through customs look to your right and either against a window or in arrivals you will see a driver holding a sign with your name on. Go straight to them and they will take you to your hotel. If you have any problems at Immigration, Medicals, Customs or cannot find the driver wait at the meeting point and phone 07816 760 389 or 07921 863401

  6. The driver will give you £50.00 towards your deposit repayment

  7. You give the driver your passport/ticket/Hotel contract/The Staff Supply Company contract.


  1. You will be introduced to the staff at the hotel.

  2. The driver will take you to purchase a sim card for your handphone (remember to bring this with you) with the money you have been given.

  3. The driver will take you to open a bank account at HSBC. So that the rest of your deposit and your wages can be paid into it.

  4. Your bank account will be a basic bank account and you will need to leave money in it if you want to get cards on the account so that you can access your money when you return to Indonesia.