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1. Every six months The Staff Supply Company interviews at various locations in Indonesia (currently March and September). You must make your own way at your own expense to these locations if you want to be considered for the programme.

You can get a list of the locations, dates and time by contacting our Asian Co-Ordinator at Tel. 0062 8122 026 510 or email enquiries@thestaffsupplycompany.com and registering with them.

2. You must bring with you to the interview:

Diploma 3 'Lulus'
Diploma 3 transcript
Certificates of work experience
Recent photograph

You must also email all of these to us at enquiries@thestaffsupplycompany.com before the interview. If your documents are incomplete you will not be interviewed.

3. You will be interviewed face to face in English. If you cannot hold a conversation in English you will not be accepted onto the programme.

4. If you are accepted onto the programme you will have to pay a deposit of currently, 5,500,000 RP. It is quicker and easier if you bring this with you to the interview and you will be given a receipt.

The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that you are serious about coming to the UK before The Staff Supply Company start the expensive task of promoting you to Hotels and paying UK Government charges on your behalf.

Will I get my deposit back?
The Staff Supply Company will hold the deposit for six months and if they have not had a job offer for you in this time you can either ask for your deposit money back or leave it in for another six months period.
If you change your mind during the six months you will lose your deposit.
If The Staff Supply Company find a job for you but you are refused a work permit by the British Government you lose 3,500,000 RP of your deposit. This is what the British Government charge for the application to be considered at present.

5. If The Staff Supply Company find a job for you and your work permit is approved this will be sent to our co-ordinator in Bandung and you will be informed and must make travel arrangements to Bandung when we need you there.

You will collect the work permit, visa documents and 2,000,000 RP of your deposit.

This 2,000,000 RP is towards payment of Visa application and Fiscal and Airport Tax to leave Indonesia.

The remaining 3,500,000 RP will repaid to you over the first four weeks of your stay in the UK.

If you have any further questions please email us at